How to Play a Solo Game in Blooket

Question sets are the building blocks for all Blooket games (Solo and Live). You can browse the 20+ million question sets that have been created by other users or create your own set.


1. Once you have found a set you want to play with, click on it to open the set page



To get started quickly, jump into a Featured, Verified, or Popular set!



2. Select "Solo"


You can also play a solo game with one of your sets!

  1. Navigate to "My Sets"
  2. Hover on the gear icon for the set you wish to play solo
  3. Select "Solo"



3. Select a game mode

Currently, there are seven game modes that can be played solo:

  • Tower Defense 2
  • Monster Brawl
  • Tower Defense
  • Cafe
  • Factory
  • Crazy Kingdom
  • Tower of Doom



4. Select "New Game" to start playing


Games like Tower of Doom, Cafe, Tower Defense (1&2), allow you to load games if you have a past game you have not completed yet.

You can also assign independent work for your students to complete at home or in the classroom. Click here to learn more about Assigning Homework.

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