Blooket Plus Features

Blooket is completely free to use, but if you want to unlock its full power, Blooket Plus can be purchased individually or as a group.
Plus subscribers have access to all of the Starter features (Create or Discover Sets, Unique Game Modes, Question Set Search) and more!

Perks of Blooket Plus:

Plus Game Modes
Gain access to game modes only available to Plus users
Create folders to organize your question sets and favorites
Larger Live Games
Host games with up to 300 players (60 player max with Starter)
Enhanced Reports
View question-by-question data and individual student breakdowns
Question Bank
Quickly add questions from any set to your own
Verified Curriculum
Use verified Plus question sets created by experts
Copy & Duplicate
Create your own copy of any set to edit for yourself
Audio Questions
Record or upload your own audio and add it to questions
Longer Deadlines
Assign homework for up to 365 days (14 day max with Starter)
Merging Sets
Combine two of your sets with only a few clicks
Bonus Tokens
10 extra tokens for students after every game

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