How to Upgrade to Blooket Plus

Upgrading to Blooket Plus (Individual)


1. Navigate to settings



2. Under "Plan" select "Upgrade Now!


3. Select a plan by selecting "Buy Now" under Plus or Plus Flex



4. On the Checkout Page select "Checkout Now"



5. On the Stripe Checkout Page enter your credit card information and select "Subscribe" to complete the process!


Upgrading to Blooket Plus (Group Plan)

1. Navigate to the settings page


2. Under "Plan" select "Upgrade Now!" or click here


3. On the plan options page, select "Group Pricing" under the standard plan options.



4. On the group options page, select the plan that fits the size of your group.



5. Enter the name of your group and select "Get Quote"


6. On the group payment page, download your quote by selecting the download button (highlighted below)

7. Then, upload a payment by selecting "Pay With Purchase Order" or "Pay With Credit Card".


  • If you are paying via purchase order:  After selecting "Pay With Purchase Order", enter your Purchase order Number and upload the PO. After the PO has been uploaded, select "Subscribe Now".

  • If you are paying via credit card: After selecting "Pay With Credit Card", enter your card information and click "Subscribe"

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