How to Sign Up for Blooket

1. Visit and select "Sign Up" to create a free account



2. Choose how you wish to sign up



If signing up with Google, follow the steps to verify your account



If singing up with email, enter your email and select "I can receive email"

Blooket does not currently support creating accounts with email address that are configured to not receive mail (this might be the case for some student email accounts created by schools/districts). If that is the case, please enter an email address that is able to receive email.

Do not exit this process until you have completed it. Exiting at any time will require you to go through the sign up processes again.

3. You will receive an email containing a code. Copy that code and return to the open Blooket window.



Enter the code in the box and select "Confirm Code"



4. Enter and confirm a secure password, then select "Next"



5. Enter a Username, and check the box to certify that you are above 13 years old (or at least 16 outside the U.S.), and agree to the Privacy Policy & Terms of Service



After this information has been filled out and the username is available, click "Let's Go!"


Blooket is free, but if you'd like to unlock the full power of Blooket, check out Blooket Plus or Group Plans (for schools and districts)

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